„Sensation: 6 sense for 6 sestieri”


Inca un an la Venetia, inca un carnaval virtual .
Si programul zilei de azi http://www.carnivalofvenice.com/eventi.asp?anno=2010&giorno=2010/2/14, cred ca as alege Concursul de masti din San Marco la ora 15 si Noaptea tangoului de la 21.
Asa ca imi pun masca imi aduc tangourile preferate sa putem sarbatori impreuna

filmul de suflet

si o frantura din scrierile Veronicai Franco din Capitolo 13, „Terze Rime ” 1575, intitulat “a playful challenge to a lover”.

„No more words! To deeds, to the battlefield, to arms!
For, resolved to die, I want to free myself
from such merciless mistreatment.
Should I call this a challenge? I do not know,
since I am responding to a provocation;
but why should we duel over words?
If you like, I will say that you challenged me;
if not, I challenge you; I’ll take any route,
and any opportunity suits me equally well.
Yours be the choice of place or of arms,
and I will make whatever choice remains;
rather, let both be your decision….

Come here, and, full of most wicked desire,
braced stiff for your sinister task,
bring with daring hand a piercing blade.
Whatever weapon you hand over to me,
I will gladly take, especially if it is sharp
and sturdy and also quick to wound.
Let all armor be stripped from your naked breast,
so that, unshielded and exposed to blows,
it may reveal the valor it harbors within.
Let no one else intervene in this match,
let it be limited to the two of use alone,
behind closed doors, with all seconds sent away….

To take revenge for your unfair attack,
I’d fall upon you, and in daring combat,
as you too caught fire defending yourself,
I would die with you, felled by the same blow.

O empty hopes, over which cruel fate
forces me to weep forever!
But hold firm, my strong, undaunted heart,
and with that felon’s final destruction,
avenge your thousand deaths with his one.
Then end your agony with the same blade.”
Iar pentru ca tot e Val’s day si multi dintre voi sarbatoriti….Sa va iubiti dincolo de masti si de cuvinte…Aimer Jusqu’au Bout !
Si dansati


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  1. dar cu siguranta ramane pe lista de vazut pe viu odata si odata 😉

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